Safe D Lock® Jack

The Safe D Lock® jack is a revolutionary design with the operators' safety paramount. It is a lifting jack and rated vehicle jacking stand for heavy mining vehicles. The addition of the POWERDRIVE transforms the Safe D Lock into a self-propelled jack.

Australian Designed and Built

Australian designed and built to meet AS/NZS 2693:2007 standard for vehicle jacks, it also meets AS/NZS 2538:2004 standard for vehicle support stands.

Patented Fail Safe

The jack uses patented oil-bathed internal locking quadrants that are constantly energised during the lifting process to give a fail safe operation.

Mechanical Quadrant Locks

The locking mechanism automatically engages in the unlikely event of a hydraulic failure.

Compact and Portable

The Safe D Lock jack is compact and portable and is the perfect choice for the workshop or service vehicle.


Self-propels up workshop slopes of 5 degrees.

Controlled Load Lowering

A counter balance valve allows for smooth, controlled lowering of the load.
Model Number Jack Capacity Metric (tonne) Jack Capacity US (ton)* Jack Capacity (kN) Cylinder Effective Area (cm2) Collapsed Height (mm)** Stroke (mm) Maximum Lift Height (mm)*** Weight (kg) Oil Tank Capacity (L)
* Nominal Cylinder Capacity in ton - see kN values for actual capacity
** Includes load cap height of 22 mm
*** Maximum lift height for AS/NZS 2538:2004 Vehicle Support Stand Rating

SDL Extensions & Load Caps

Model Number Capacity (Tons) Description Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Total Length (mm) Spigot Depth (mm) Spigot Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
SDE100-150 70/100 150 mm Extension ** 15011221060507
SDE100-300 70/100 300 mm Extension ** 300112360605013
SDLC-100 70/100 Serrated Steel Load Cap * 221128260503
SDS-100 70/100 Serrated Tilt Saddle ** 5011211060505
SDE150-150 150150 mm Extension ** 15012621060507
SDE150-300 150300 mm Extension ** 300126360605013
SDLC-150 150Serrated Steel Load Cap * 221268260503
SDS-150/200N150Serrated Tilt Saddle ** 5412611460505
SDE200-150 200150mm Extension ** 15014021060508
SDE200-300 200300 mm Extension ** 300140360605015
SDLC-200 200Serrated Steel Load Cap* 221268260504
SDS-200 200Serrated Tilt Saddle** 5012611060506
* Supplied as standard
** Optional item