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Our latest catalogue (CAT0816) contains more than 1,000 products, including the following features:

  • Specialty lifting systems, including the SyncMaster, greater capacity range for the Safe D Lock jacks + the new POWERDRIVE (page 10) - which transforms the Safe D Lock Jack into a self propelled lifting jack and rated vehicle jacking stand for heavy mining vehicles
  • Lightweight electric power units
  • Diesel and hydrostatic power units
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioners and high pressure power units
  • Hydraulic rail jacks
  • A complete range of lightweight aluminium cylinders, including hollow and locking collar styles

The catalogue includes large colour images of our products with detailed specifications for each range.

The complete catalogue or sections of the catalogue (from the Products menu) can be downloaded from this site. Alternatively we would be happy to post a copy to you. Contact us for a copy.